Moving Up the Food Chain: 4 Tips to Get Promoted in the Culinary Industry

by Angela Puma
As a recent culinary graduate or current student, you have a passion for food prep and high aspirations for your career. Most culinary graduates begin their careers in entry level restaurant positions such as line cook. While graduates are happy to be employed in the field that they love, many have the desire to move up the ranks. Here are four qualities you should exercise to make your aspirations to becoming head chef a reality.


Your educational experience doesn’t have to end when you receive your degree. During your first phase of career experience, you will be learning constantly. You will pick up practical skills that can only be learned in a professional environment. Taking as many learning opportunities as possible will help you in getting promoted. If possible, you should try to gain experience in multiple kitchen roles. Becoming knowledgeable in more than one role will help you later on when you are in a leadership position.


Learning to work well with your team is crucial to moving up the ranks in the kitchen. A Kitchen cannot be a one-person operation. Only functional group working together can achieve a successful service. Part of working as a team is accepting your position on the team, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you initially. Learning to work well with your team will help you when you more on to a leadership position because it will give you an understanding of how members of the kitchen work collectively.


Taking initiative at your job is what will separate you from the rest. Taking initiative in the kitchen comes in many forms. You should look for opportunities to volunteer to do extra tasks. This shows that you are a team player and genuinely interested in the good of the business as a whole. Sometimes it is easy to become complacent in a low level position and only do the bare minimum. Do not allow yourself to fall into their trap. Make sure that you complete all of your assignments the best that you possibly can. This will help to differentiate you from the rest of the staff and you will stand out as a more eligible candidate when a new leadership position becomes available.


Exercising leadership on your team is a skill that doesn’t require promotion. You can be a leader on your team no matter what your title. Part of what being a leader entails is inspiring the rest of your team to be the best that they can be. Develop a report with your team that allows them to feel comfortable with going to you for help and guidance. If you act like a leader when you are still in a lower level position, you are more likely to get the title in the near future. Developing your leadership skills early on will also make your job easier after promotion.

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